Brown & Werner Excursion
Photos by LowCountry Fossil Excursions

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Another wonderful day of fossil hunting in the LowCountry. Melissa Werner and Cody Smith joined us from Raleigh, NC., and Phillip and Stacy Brown joined us from Charlotte, NC. The weather was was great in the low 60s, ideal for some maual labor. Today we checked out a new promising location, and let me tell you, it did not disappoint us. Among hundreds of teeth, Stacy unearthed a 4.5 inch Megalodon, a first in our excursions. When she saw the tooth appear in her shovel screams of disbelief erupted. But bealieve it or not, this wasnt the tooth of the day, her husband Phillip found 2 ultra rare Squalodon teeth. Once double rooted molar and one pre-molar. A Squalodon is a long extinct special of whale from the Oligocene epoch. bound not to be "out toothed" 12 yr old Cody found some huge Angustidens, and extinct Makos.

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